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Tuesday, July 10th 2012

9:40 PM

Preteen nonnude forums


Related article: Date: Sun, 22 May buy preteen swimsuit 2005 11:41:10 +0000 From: Negash Thor Subject: Darkmancer japanese porn preteen Chapter 1As I walked down the corridors of the 'Star torrent preteen or Ajbal' a school for children gifted with the power of magick. The star was so named because it was shaped like a Pentagram, with several blocks cutting into the shape. Most of the blocks had been made to house the students, as well as the teachers. There had also been several blocks fitted into the superstructure to allow for the training in the more destructive arts. With the main hall's crystal dome and its enchanted Quartzite central column that produce the null-magick field that stopped the students from leaving the school.With its courtyards and other features it was a home fit for the mages. For 2 months since my power of metamorphosis had been discovered I had been forced to live at the academy. I shared a room with another student of my age. Thomas Wilkins, what no one knew was that I was a Fedaykinm, a mage who held love for other men in his heart. Fedaykinm, where feared and loathed by both the ordinary, mundane people of the world, but where more despised by my fellow mages. For it was said that some Fedaykinm had the ability to become Darkmancers, wielders of the forbidden black arts of magick. Magick that was drawn from the darker more base, animalistic human emotions. Rather then the standard branch of Gnositican Magick (most commonly referred to as High Magick) drawn from the higher emotions of the human spirit, bound by the power of mind and body. Darkmancy had none of the trappings little virgin preteen of High Magick, it was pure, unfettered emotion, the soul had control of the powers, not a combination of the desires of the Spirit, the limitations of the physical body and the restrictions laid down in the Mage's Mind. It was also very sexual and provocative, often ruled by the lust and whims of the Darkmancer. The last Darkmancer had been slain by an army of mages, as he ruled over the fortress academy of Ajbal. No one ever new what happened to his powers, as the mages strode into the grand hall; they found him and knew instantly he had no powers. pubescent preteens pics They killed him there and then burning him with flames of pure High Magick. Somewhere deep in my soul I knew if I could find away of releasing my spirit and accepting Darkmancy into my heart mind and soul I would become another Darkmancer. Just sharing a room with Tom was liken been driven crazy. My sexual desires rose to near orgasmic levels whenever he was present. He was tall near 6 foot 2, having very short brown hair, hazel with a twinge of blue eyes his body was slim and very muscular with his left nipple pierced by a small metal bar. Our room was relatively small, but one of the larger in the school, as we where older we where granted certain luxuries. We had a small terrace, with 2 chairs and a small table. As well as an en-suite bathroom, with a shower-bath combo, and toilet and sink with 2 small cabinets for our belongings. The bedroom had 2 small beds, 2 desks, 2 wardrobes and 2 chests at the end of the bed as well as a set of small drawers and a table by the door onto the balcony terrace. I walked preteen forced stories along the long black basalt corridor towards the grand library where I studied in private, several months ago I had discovered, quite by accident, a secret chamber, covered in tomes and scrolls, written in a code that had taken over a month to break, a debased form of Norse runes. The books and scrolls where written by Sorkvild, the last great Darkmancer, they described how he had bound his powers inside 6 crystals. One of these crystal power nodes was located in each of the points of the Pentagram, with the key node of power in the centre of the main hall. I knew I could absorb the power that was trapped in the nodes and unfetter my heart from the restrictions and bindings of High Magick. However, before i could absorb he powers I would need to consummate my status as a Fedaykinm by having sex with another man, gifted with magick. preteen model virgins I could think of no better partner then Thomas. I walked down the tight spiral staircase lsm pictures preteen and looked through the special crystals on the wall, enchanted so I could see from the view of the gargoyle with matching eyes in the corner of this little side cubby in the library. I looked, making sure no one was in this room and pulled the lever, the panel mover forward and then swung to one side. I walked out and shut the bookcase closed behind me. I walked of down the hall to the alchemy room. The alchemy room was a large Red Sandstone room lined with desks covered with al sorts of alchemy equipment, there were large brass Pestle and mortars, there were Calcinators, Retort's and Alembics, as well as large cabinets filled with all the ingredients, though many of the rarer were locked away in special cabinets. Usually the Labs were locked up and no one was allowed in them without a teacher's approval and supervision, however, I didn't think that I would get the approval for a love potion. With a new purpose of forming a potion to bind the drinker to my will, I entered the now quite room, by turning into a small millipede and slinking under the crack in the door then on the other side returning to my human form. It was 5pm after all tea time, most of the people would be in the several dining halls. I would not be missed. I began to work, mixing herbs of different kinds, with other ingredients to bind a will to my own, but only form a subtle change in one specific area, turning sexual desire, using a potent drug, Aphrodite's water to ensnare his lust. Mixing it with my blood, the only remaining ingredient was also the xxx preteen paysites most vital; I grabbed the vial and ran down the halls, placing the vial in my mouth. I opened the door and walked through, before shutting the door behind me, so it appeared that I never been in the room. I touching into my natural power allowing my body to flow, muscles changed shape, bones reformed, my clothes, which were moulded skin tightened over the changing form. I dropped onto all fours as my skin sprouted hair. My transformation into panties preteens porn the cheetah was complete, running full speed down the halls, running through the open doors into the hall and up he stairs to my room, as I neared the door, I reassumed my human form, the robes forming from my naked skin covering me in living cloth. I opened the door and entered the room, heading straight lsm pictures preteen into the bathroom. I shed the illusion of clothing and stood naked in the room. I already had a raging hard-on; I began to frantically jerk off my nine inch tool, heading for that orgasmic release of my seed. To speed the process up I manipulated the muscles in my pecker, with my buy preteen swimsuit power and released my seed. catching this precious seed in my hand I allowed the white fluid to drip into the vial, shaking the material in. the liquid turned form the colour of a bad bruise into that of blood. The potion was ready now all I had to do was feed it to Tom.
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Monday, July 9th 2012

12:00 AM

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